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    Welcome to Victory Hill Exhibitions, an exhibition Production and Distribution Company focused on delivering engaging, educational and interactive exhibitions for the global market.

    Our focus is on developing long term trusted and strategic relationships with our clients by creating and delivering innovative and captivating content for audiences. With over 25 years combined experience delivering some of the most renowned and critically acclaimed exhibitions to the museum and entertainment industries, the team at Victory Hill Exhibitions is well placed to deliver on our Mission.

    Our Mission Statement is as follows:

    Victory Hill Exhibitions is devoted to combining intellectual content and creative talent to produce world-class museum-quality exhibitions using the latest technological capabilities that deliver impressive visual appeal, educational content, and entertainment that appeal to visitors of all ages.

    With our ever expanding catalogue of content rich exhibitions, Victory Hill Exhibitions stands ready to capture the hearts and minds of your audience with our productions.

  • Exhibitions

    Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

    Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

    Australia: The Exhibition

    AUSTRALIA: The Exhibition

    ALIEN GODS Exhibition

    Star Trek: The Exploration

    STAR TREK: The Exploration

    VAMPIRE: The Exhibition

  • Partners

    The Science & Entertainment Exchange

    The Science & Entertainment Exchange (The Exchange) is a program of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) that connects entertainment industry professionals with top scientists and engineers to create a synergy between accurate science and engaging storylines in both film and TV programming. From a quick fact check to a special briefing, The Exchange provides quick and easy access to experts from all the scientific disciplines. The goal of The Exchange is to use the vehicle of popular entertainment media to deliver sometimes subtle, but nevertheless powerful, messages about science.



    Propworx, Inc. serves the movie and television industry by selling the assets of movie and TV productions in high-end auctions created specifically for that property. Propworx sells the production's props, costumes and set pieces through special live and Internet auctions, while at the same time integrating these special events into a studio's or network's marketing campaigns. Propworx goal is not just to sell the assets of a production, but also to leverage those sales into meaningful publicity and marketing to increase the overall awareness of a production.


  • Services

    As a full service production and distribution company, Victory Hill Exhibitions has the infrastructure and capabilities that allow us to facilitate all areas of Exhibition development and management. With a highly skilled team of Designers, Producers, Financiers, Sales Agents, Production Managers, Technicians and Supply Partners, Victory Hill Exhibitions has been positioned as a complete Exhibition Service Provider.

    Our range of service offerings are as follows:

    Exhibition Development and Production:

    • Concept Development
    • Research Teams
    • Content Development
    • Interactive Development and Production
    • Production Design
    • Technical Design
    • Production
    • Instructional Management
    • Operations Management
    • Object handling procedural oversight

    Financial Management:

    • Exhibition financing
    • Financial structure
    • Terms and agreements
    • Risk management and insurances
    • Operational and financial reporting


    • Educational Program Development
    • Learning Activities Development
    • Educational Interactive Development

    Marketing and Promotion:

    • Campaign Development
    • Campaign Execution
    • Print Media Design
    • TV Commercial Production
    • Radio Commercial Production
    • Social Media Management
    • Website Design and Management
    • Sponsorship Procurement


    • Exhibition Sales
    • Exhibition Tour Management
    • Contract negotiations

    Logistics and Registrarial Services:

    • Full Installation Service and Management
    • Transport and Shipping Coordination (Domestic / International)
    • Report Management
    • Inventory Service and Management
    • Storage and housing management
    • Insurance and risk management services
  • Client Testimonials

    STAR TREK: The Exploration

    Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - Valencia, SPAIN

    Regarding the set up, exploitation and dismantle of the "Star Trek: The Exploration" exhibition by Victory Hill Entertainment company in "Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias" facilities in Valencia (Spain), the outcome of the project has been fully satisfactory. Victory Hill Entertainment has proved to be competent and diligent through all the process: plan, design, production, transport, storage, mount and dismount operations, carrying out meticulously all the contract conditions: schedule, budget, workplace safety regulations, etc.

    Alfredo Benevant - Star Trek Project Manager

    Javier Ferrer - Technical Staff Head

  • Contact Us

    Victory Hill Exhibitions, LLC

    USA | Australia | Asia | Europe | UK


    5310 North Central Avenue, Suite A
    Tampa, Florida 33603

    E-mail: info@victoryhillexhibitions.com

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  • Team

    Nicholas Cooper

    Group Founder / Executive Creative Director

    Mark Smith

    Vice President – Routing and Tours

    Stephen Couture

    Vice President - Finance

  • Team

    Stephen Couture: Vice President - Finance

    Stephen was formerly Vice President, Finance, CFO, and served on the board of directors of Premier Exhibitions. While at Premier from 2005 thru 2008, he was instrumental in transitioning this major worldwide provider of museum touring exhibitions from The OTC Bulletin Board to The NASDAQ Capital Market and ultimately to The NASDAQ Global Market. While CFO, Premier grew to $60 million in revenue and experienced 131% revenue and 40% net income year-over-year growth with a market capitalization that exceeded $500 million.

    Stephen has consulted for a number of businesses across various industries through his private consulting firm, Couture & Company, which was established in 1973. He has extensive financial management experience in a variety of corporate environments including 18 years of experience in early stage, rapid growth and middle market companies. Stephen has assisted in completing over 20 acquisitions.

    Mr. Couture holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Systems from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Tampa with concentrations in both Finance and Accounting.


  • Team

    Mark Smith: Vice President – Routing and Tours

    Mark oversees licensing, tour negotiations, production and management for the company's portfolio of exhibitions and is instrumental in marketing and promoting Victory Hill's exhibitions worldwide.

    Mark's experience includes several years of managing the production of Star Trek Exhibitions entitled "Star Trek: The Exhibition" and four years with Premier Exhibitions, a NASDAQ Global Market entertainment company that produces several blockbuster museum-quality international touring exhibitions entitled, "Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition" and "Bodies…The Exhibition". As Director of Routing and Tours for Premier, Mark managed the worldwide bookings of over 17 museum quality exhibitions.

    Mark was raised in Boston and holds degrees in Philosophy and Business from Cleveland State University.


  • Team

    Nicholas Cooper: Group Founder / Executive Creative Director

    Nicholas is the founder of the Victory Hill Entertainment Group and leads the creative direction of Victory Hill Exhibitions. He has been responsible for the creation and the implementation of numerous national and international productions for clients such as CBS, Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Bros, Honda, The Entertainment Quarter, Hoyts Cinema and many more.

    An award winning producer, director, and writer with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Nicholas created Victory Hill Entertainment in 2005, a company focused on creating engaging entertainment productions from stage to screen, receiving critical and commercial success. In 2011, Nicholas formed the agency based company Victory Hill Enterprises, a company specializing in creating and producing branded content and marketing solutions.


  • ALIEN GODS Exhibition

    Originating in the mid 19th century and gaining widespread exposure with the 1968 publication of Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Däniken, the concept surrounding ancient aliens, or ALIEN GODS, is that which proposes that deities from many prominent religeons were infact extraterrestrials whose advanced technologies were taken by people as evidence of a divine status. According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrials with superior knowledge of science and engineering landed on Earth thousands of years ago, sharing their expertise with early civilizations ultimately shaping human cultures, technologies and religion. But how did this concept develop, and is there any evidence to support it?

    The ALIEN GODS Exhibition sees Victory Hill Exhibitions present a compelling and in depth look at the evidence that supports the theory. Join us on our exploration as we dissect ancient religious texts detailing human interactions with these ‘heavenly beings’. Be astounded artworks from a multitude of different cultures around the globe, each depicting alien like figures within their history. Marvel at the incredible engineering and architectural anomalies of structures such as Stone Henge, the pyramids of Egypt and more. Witness the astonishing artefacts from throughout history that demonstrate a higher technical knowledge than was present at the time.

    This intriguing exhibition takes audience members on an interactive journey through the history, science, facts and fiction around the ancient alien theory. It is with great pleasure that Victory Hill Exhibitions presents the ALIEN GODS Exhibition.


  • Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

    The Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. (Scientific Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network) is a completely immersive experience that brings visitors into the world of The Avengers. Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. is an interactive exhibit experience that allows visitors to participate in a simulated recruitment as if they were being trained as agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    Visitors of all ages are granted S.H.I.E.L.D. access to the official S.T.A.T.I.O.N. headquarters and taken deep into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here they will have open access to a vast array of intelligence files, classified studies and experiments that explores the history and scientific origins of Marvel’s The Avengers. Visitors will also be given unprecedented access to some of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most highly guarded artifacts such as Captain America’s Birth Pod, the Tesseract Portal Device, Loki’s Scepter, a hermetically sealed Chitauri and more, recovered after the Battle of New York.

    NASA, the Science & Entertainment Exchange (a program of the National Academy of Sciences), Neuroverse, and Thwacke are all collaborating on the Marvel’s Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition visitors will get the chance to map out the stars to find Asgard, learn to operate Iron Man’s suit, witness the neurological effects of Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk, and physically test themselves against Captain America.


  • AUSTRALIA: The Exhibition

    AUSTRALIA: The Exhibition is an all new interactive exploration of the wonders of “Down Under”.

    Join us as we bring AUSTRALIA to the world. Discover the rich Indigenous history dating back over 50,000 years. Take an adventure into the famed Australian Outback and learn about the many weird and wonderful species of wildlife. Experience the natural wonder and beauty of some of natures finest work including Ulura (Ayers Rock), Kangaroo Island, Kakadu National Rainforest as well one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet - The Great Barrier Reef. All this and more makes up this exciting new exhibition from Victory Hill Exhibitions.

    AUSTRALIA: The Exhibition is an exhibition focused on the History, Culture, Nature, Economics and Demography of Australia. A fun, interactive and educational insight into what makes Australia the vibrant, modern and multicultural nation it is today.


  • Star Trek: The Exploration

    In 2010 Victory Hill was tasked with creating a new European exhibition for the STAR TREK brand. The result was an engaging and in-depth look into the inspirations, genius and creative processes that were used to create the STAR TREK opus. The Exhibit premiered in the CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS in Valencia Spain to rave reviews.

    Victory Hill's management then produced and operated Star Trek: The Exhibition at the Saint Louis Science Center in Saint Louis, Missouri. The exhibition opened October 28, 2011 and ran through May 28, 2012. Displayed for the first time in St. Louis, Star Trek: The Exhibition celebrated 45 years of authentic Star Trek artifacts. Developed in association with the St Louis Science Center, Victory Hill created Star Trek based educational interactives. Featuring one-of- a-kind costumes, props and filming models from every Star Trek television series and feature film. This exhibition showcased the imagination, artistry, technology and meticulous craftsmanship that have made Star Trek one of the most enduring science fiction franchises in history.


  • Vampire: The Exhibition

    Vampires. For centuries, tales have been told of a seductive 'undead' creature that looms in the night. Numerous incarnations appear within a wide range of cultures, this mythical figure captures the hearts and imaginations of people throughout the ages. Now, the myth is even more prevalent within current popular culture with the world-wide domination of franchises such as the Twilight Saga that has grossed over US $3 billion alone. And with the final film to be released in November this year, the 'hunger' for Vampires has never been greater.

    In this exciting new exhibition from Victory Hill Exhibitions, we explore the science behind the possible Vampire existence. Is this nocturnal predator fictional? Is there a scientific basis for the folklore? Could there be credence in the myths that may indeed see The 'Vampire' walk among us? Through the scientific exploration of vampire Biology, Physics, Anthropology, History and Theology we will look to uncover once and for all whether Vampires could, and possibly do, exist today. Vampire: The Exhibition is an all-immersive, interactive experience designed to leave the audience asking the question if Vampires may indeed exist today. Through scientific explanations, historical fact and fiction and theologically challenged text, Victory Hill Exhibitions delivers an extremely engaging and thought-provoking exhibition like no other.


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